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Why am I feeling raw again?

Since when do I feel unbalanced, vulnerable or empty?

What can I do with my acute illness?

What can I do to alleviate my long-term complaints?

Which dream do I pursue?

And what patterns inhibit my enjoyment of life?

Which personal experiences and family patterns shape me?


As a non-medical practitioner I accompany my patients with physically and psychologically caused, acute and chronic complaints. Adults, adolescents and children come to my practice in Berlin-Schöneberg. I advise couples in their crises and show them new forms of communication.

I work with the therapy methods HOMEOPATHY, SUPERVISION, SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS and BODYWORK. The mix of these therapies is based on the assumption that I cannot view physical suffering independently of the mental and emotional issues of my counterpart. Health is the functioning interaction of all levels. And mental resilience is a prerequisite for vital strength and unhindered flow of life.


Health and illness are shaped by external influences, family circumstances, individual environment and personal lifestyle. Despite all these structures, I am convinced that we can create the form of our life by ourselve and develop it again and again. We construct our reality and can influence our personal condition - if we recognize ourselves and find out about our patterns.

I work with my patients in different ways: With the help of SUPERVISION topics are lifted from the mental to an emotional level, hidden conflicts with become visible with SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATIONS. When I use animal figures from Schleich®, I call the access to my own perception THE ANIMAL APPROACH®. HOMEOOPATHY alleviates psychological and physical symptoms and prepares the way for an inner transformation. BODYWORK integrates all new images and changed patterns - a new body feeling is created by touching the outer skin.

I also have a STORY. But I keep rewriting.







With two older sisters I grew up in a loving and tolerant parental home in Stuttgart. After my Abitur I went abroad - to voluntary social services in the USA, Israel and Russia.

I studied cultural studies in Leipzig. The scientific examination of different cultures and milieus, philosophies and beliefs formed my personal identity and led to my holistic view of the world.

It has always been important to me that communication within and outside the company is successful. For more than ten years I have worked as a public relations consultant for agencies and have accompanied ministries and associations, foundations, clubs and private individuals in their external communication. Later, as an independent consultant, I had my own projects and clients. Whether large campaign or small flyer, large budget or small funding pot - I have seen very different systems and organisations, developed strategies, written texts and organised events.

But how can I present something in public if the well-being inside - of myself or my counterpart - is not right?

After the birth and upbringing of my two daughters, my interest in medicine and alternative healing methods was awakened. At the Samuel Hahnemann School in Berlin I learned the basics of anatomy and pathology and completed training in homeopathy, bodywork, systemical constellations and supervision. My own therapeutic path led me to more stability, joy of life and mindfullness.

As an alternative practitioner, I now advise patients with my accumulated EXPERIENCE and the resulting competence: motivated, reliable and with personal conviction.



Supervision in systemic constellation work with Stephan Hausner, Siegsdorf

Intensive training in process orientated homeopathy with Ulrike Müller, Sara Riedel und Ekkehard Dehmel, Berlin

Training and further education in "Systemic Structural Constellations" with Regina Blum according to Bert Hellinger, Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer, BAKD

Trainig in supervision with Ekkehard Dehmel, Berlin

Seminar "Love and forgiveness" with Gestalt therapist Leonard Shaw, USA


Admission as alternative practitioner at the Berlin health office


Training at the Samuel Hahnemann School: Anatomy and pathology in preparation for the Heilpraktiker examination, homeopathy with Andreas Krüger et al.

2012-2016 Public relations for the brand agency kleiner & bold

Freelance PR consultant for agencies such as fischerAppelt, Scholz&friends, A&B ONE, assignments for ministries and associations, foundations, clubs and private individuals

2006-2009 PR consultant and Accout Manager at the fischerAppelt agency, management of campaigns and events

Freelance work for Causales, agency for marketing & communication, with focus on sponsoring


University of Leipzig, Magister Artium in cultural history, philosophy, sociology and cultural management


Breaking Through Patterns of Fear & Insecurity
Kat's Podcast, Episode 17

"Berit is her to help us understand subconscious patters of fear and insecurity tha hugely influence how we act and react in our daily lives and that quite literally auto-pilot us. That’s super topical at the moment, because with Covid in the air and all the change going on, there is a lot out there that’s triggering us.

Tune in and learn what you can do to break through these patterns, and ultimately become more resilient, self-reliant and empowered."

Thank you, Kat, for the wonderful conversation!



First anamnesis
200 EUR (90 min)

100 EUR (60 min)

Phone Calls
25 EUR (15 min)
50 EUR (30 min)

on the "inner child"
300 EUR (120 min)

150 EUR (60 min)

225 (90 min)

160 EUR (60 min)

100 EUR (60 min)

on request

An initial consultation to get to know each other and to agree on the form of therapy is free of charge.

The treatment costs are invoiced on the basis of the Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker (GebüH) and are partially reimbursed by some statutory and private insurance companies. The prescribed remedies are not included in the treatment price.

In case of short-term cancellations of appointments, i.e. if there is less than 24 hours notice and if there is no emergency, I will charge the agreed time.

I am a member of the Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V.


Berit Julie Friz

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Berit Julie Friz
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Berit Julie Friz
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I work as a non-medical practitioner on the basis of the "Permission to practice medicine without appointment" according to § 1 para. 1 of the Heilpraktikergesetz of 17.2.1939. My permission of 30.11.2017 was granted by the health department of the district office Tempelhof-Schöneberg of Berlin.

The activity as a non-medical practitioner is based on the Heilpraktikergesetz and the 1. implementing regulation to the Heilpraktikergesetz. Professional regulations can be found in the Professional Code of Conduct for Alternative Practitioners and the Declaration of Ethics of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners.

All regulations can be viewed on the homepage I am a member of the Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V. (Berlin-Brandenburg regional association). Responsible for my practice at Gotenstraße 12, 10829 Berlin is the public health department of the district office Tempelhof-Schöneberg of Berlin.

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Homeopathy works with the self-healing powers of the body. It prescribes medicines that are obtained from plant, animal or mineral substances and potentiated in several steps. In their energetic manifestation, these substances are similar to a specific expression or symptom of the patient.

From the perspective of homeopathy, illness is an expression of out-of-tune vitality and a sign of an inner imbalance. Homeopathic medicines can balance the person in such a way that the self-healing powers are activated and existing symptoms become superfluous. This happens holistically on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Therefore my patients not only feel the homeopathic treatment as a relief, but also perceive it as an inner development.

In the homeopathic anamnesis I take into account the mental condition, the current state of mind and physical complaints of my patients and at the same time look at their past illness and family history. I do not work against an illness or a symptom, but orientate myself both to the origin of the problem and the current condition of the patient, when finding a suitable homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy is a principle. It shows a different attitude towards illness.


Sometimes we are faced with professional or private issues where a purely rational approach does not lead anywhere. We feel trapped in our roles and constraints, cannot articulate, cannot sort, do not recognize the way. It seems as if the usual patterns and parts of our identity are disturbing us. The joy of life is lost because worries predominate.

In conversation with my clients, I find the moments when they act automatically, instead of pausing briefly and noticing where exactly it crunches. In doing so, I question the private, family and professional environment and shed light on typical everyday situations. I accompany the unconscious processes, the individual search for clues, recognize and name the pain and refer to possible solutions. Fears and blockages fall away when they are once again consciously felt and accepted. Only then can inner freedom be felt again.

With my many years of experience as a consultant for public relations and my knowledge as an alternative practitioner, I can take very different perspectives and follow different paths. I bring thoughts and ideas forward. Even those that are still slumbering inside. I listen, bring light into the dark, give creative impulses and advise on a practical level.

Supervision brings clarity. Patterns can be understood and changed.


In a systemic constellation, the behaviour of an individual in relation to a social system becomes visible. Systems are, for example, the organisations in which we work, the current family situation, our family of origin, our circle of friends or even individual persons with whom we are in contact. In every system, certain roles, tasks and responsibilities are consciously or unconsciously distributed and assigned.

In a session of systemic constellations, the individual parts of the system are represented by representatives - either by people or also by wooden blocks, play figures, toy animals, pieces of paper or similar. When I work with Schleich® animal figures, I call the method THE ANIMAL APPROACH®.

Through the intuitive perception of the substitutes or through top view from outside, my clients receive a variety of feedback. They recognize current feelings, past entanglements and burdens that have not been seen up to now, but only guessed at. Relationships and dynamics among each other, loyalty and love, offence and injury, experiences and expectations are vivid. Hidden backgrounds and problems become visible and are transferred into possible solutions.

In the course of the constellation I work with the deputies until all parts of the system are in a comfortable position. This happens either independently, intuitively and quietly or is guided and communicatively accompanied by me.

Thinking is allowed to change direction. The way for change becomes clear.


Our body shows us how we feel. If we perceive it, we can also perceive ourselves better. Bodywork can be a form of psychotherapy. Its goal is to feel the unity of body, soul and spirit.

Mental and emotional stress is often stored as inner images or experienced as physical tension. The unintentional touch of bodywork leads to a different kind of security, a quiet well-being. Topics that seemed to be unsolvable in thought suddenly feel light on a physical level - and vice versa. New perceptions are integrated into the consciousness. Bodywork thus supports the process of inner change.

After a short exchange on the respective issue, the treatment takes place non-verbally. I sit next to the patient and intuitively listen to the call of the body, the desired place of touch. The intimate boundaries are maintained at all times. By placing, holding, stroking or pressing I support the existing processes. This is followed by a brief feedback on the experience. Each session is unique and different. I am working in the moment. There is no plan. Only time.

Bodywork gives you quiet and space. You can't explain, but only experience it.